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A kidnapped in Madrid

Juan Machinandiarena, an Argentine businessman, was kidnapped and released a week in the motherland. Bean beans are baked everywhere.

Argentines around the world
Un secuestrado en Madrid

“ Bean beans are cooked everywhere” said my mother's grandmother, the Galician one. And this unusual news comes precisely from Spain. Unusual for the country, most of all. A kidnapped in Madrid, it is a Argentine businessman. He has just been released safely by the local police.

In fact, Juan Machinandiarena was in the mother country on business. When he was kidnapped by a band of French professionals. Apparently, commanded by a Russian. The guys called the Machinandiarena family and asked for two green sticks to free him alive. They even let him talk to confirm he was kidnapped.

In the midst of negotiations, the family called the Argentine Consulate in France, which notified the police. A quick and effective intervention succeeded in finding the place where the abductee was present. Police surrounded the place, keeping surveillance, as the special forces arrived. But the arrests must have been rushed. The kidnappers will leave to transfer Machinandiarena to another place of captivity. The agents had to intervene and there they arrested the gang.

A crime that is being rare in our country, by the actions of the Ministry of Security, occurred in the least thought out place. Madrid. Will you once again have copied us? Haha. Argentine enlarged; it is believed that they copy us to the wrong. Luckily, Machinandiarena, the kidnapped, is unharmed.

Publication Date: 06/07/2019

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