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A chaco tamer around the world

Denis Jarenko is a young Chaco who grew up among horses, entered the world of polo and continues his career in Dubai today.

Argentines around the world

Denis Jarenko is a young man who was born in   Chaco   , in northern Argentina. His whole life is next to animals, especially horses, with which he coexists as a child. Jarenko is working with   horses   and walk around the world with them. His knowledge, the link he establishes with these animals, has made him a tamer.

The elite space for horses today is sport and, in particular, the   polo   . Argentina is the country with the best handicap in the world in this sport. That national gene is in Jarenko's blood. The tamer Chaqueño today works as a “pilot” or coach. Its function is to put animals in optimal conditions for each competition.

The beginning of your journey

Denis Jarenko always had a special relationship with   animals   That led him to a veterinary study. Today he travels the world with what he is passionate about, but the tamer Chaqueño began crossing the country   north argentino   , Jarenko went south, to Patagonia, encouraged by his cousin. He got a job for two months with the team coach.   Argentina by Polo   .

That hierarchy that was acquired and perfected with horses today takes it all over the world. He tame two horses for an Arab in Australia, and he decided to take him to   Du     b     ai   , in the United Arab Emirates, one of the richest cities in the world. The tamer chaqueño explains that a lot is paid for that in the world, and in Argentina they learn a lot just for the love of horses.   Being Argentinean   in the world of horses is a plus, such as a credential or a master's degree.

Denis' life was not part of what he dreamed of when he was a child. It all started out of fun, for the culture of his family. Then he went almost unintentionally, and today he is a privileged worker in the world of horses.

The tamer chaqueño is characterized by taming animals without violence. His work is also gaining recognition in   instagram   , where he has already amassed more than 19,000 followers. His job is preparation, but his goal is to compete and for that he is being trained in   Endurance   . Today his home is Dubai, but Jarenko's work is recognized in many places and work proposals are still coming.

Publication Date: 09/06/2020

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