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A cream artist who came with her drawings to Japan

Meet Luana, a mendocina of only 8 years old who is a pride for all Argentines.

Argentines around the world

A talented and well-stimulated  child  can accomplish great things at a very young age. This is the case of Luana Pilar Roccuzzo Montenegro, an 8-year-old from Mendoza who, from a very young age, showed an inclination towards drawing. Her parents sent her to a workshop and, thanks to that, she recently won an international prize for one of her works: “El rabbit barrigón”.
At the end of last year, Luana participated in the 2018 Children's Drawing and Painting Meeting, organized by the MOA Fine Arts  Museum  in Atami, Japan, where her drawing was awarded. And that's not all: she became the first Argentine to win there. One more sample that, with talent and preparation, everything can be achieved.

What things does this great little artist like and what is her dream?

This artist girl is excited to have won the prize, but she likes to  paint more. That's the wonderful thing about the boys, they don't lose their ability to enjoy. First the game and if there are opportunities to compete later, that's fine. Nothing alters his desire to continue drawing, although surely, in the case of Luana the prize is an incentive. At the end of the day we all need or are delighted to recognize. In addition to drawing, she has other activities she enjoys. Dancing, singing and even cooking (their specialty is noodles with cream). Like most boys, he likes animals, especially  prehistoric ones. Those creatures usually achieve enchantment, they have something fantastic, they seem drawn from stories. It is not surprising that Luana dreams of studying to be a paleontologist when she grows up, although the school does not like it so much, she wants to receive herself and work on “finding buried treasures”.

Behind every artist there is a preparation

As we initially told, Luana had the support and incentive of her parents. Because it is really important that if a child shows interest in something, he is also accompanied with training. Otherwise, such a hobby could be left in nowhere and even get lost or diluted over time.

Noting the girl's taste for drawing, her parents decided to register her in the workshop of the plastic artist Claudio Escobar, who became her teacher. What differentiates this artist's learning space is that they seek to work in collaboration with other references. They actually invite professionals who can show the boys alternatives and references of their works. The idea is that the boys can see in the artist a person like them, that they discover and recognize different techniques. Moreover, as a final show of the year, in Claudio's workshop they choose to exhibit directly in an atelier of some of the painters who collaborates with them. So, half at stake and half seriously, they are transmitting varied and lowered learning to the boys. They seek to disacralize art and that the message is “everyone can become professional paintbrush”.

The importance of looking and guiding children

Specialists of children's pedagogy mark how transcendental it can be for a child to feel cared for by parents. And when we refer to attention we are not talking about the daily domestic thing, which most attends without glances. The point is to come to contemplate and devote full listening time to the children. Understand and discover with them the world that fascinates them. Small details say a lot, they give very valuable information about each child. It is from that attentive gaze that parents will be able to accompany, guide and help develop their children's talents and interests. Without imposing other activities that may not really motivate children, which in the long run can mean frustration.

Publication Date: 22/01/2019

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