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Argentine strings to the world

The founders of Magma Music are dedicated to exporting strings for different types of instruments abroad.
Argentines around the world
Cuerdas argentinas al mundo
| 09 September, 2019 |

Specializing in something makes us experts. And being experts makes us recognize for the added value we bring to what we do. The Medina family, since 2005, specializes in something very punctual: strings for musical instruments.

The company Magma Music is a family SME founded by Carlos Medina, today CEO. His wife Araceli and sons Lorena, Sebastián and Vanina also play a role in the company. In Avellaneda, Buenos Airesprovince, the company manufactures strings, straps and accessories for musical instruments. In addition, it has a patented line called Transpositor. This consists of strings for classical guitar that allow the instrument to sound like a bass or a cello.

The company also has an exportside, which is worked by hand. What they do is analyze what are the instruments of local folklore and develop a string version and, also, alternatives with more innovation. That’s how they were the creators of the strings for the Russian balalaica. In addition, they shipped their products to Turkey and other destinations, such as Puerto Rico, Sweden and Belarus.

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