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April Garzón: an obstacle proof will

Abril Garzón lives in a village in Neuquén where there is no asphalt. However, he climbed to the podium in
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Abril Garzón, se subió al podio en una competencia de ciclismo en ruta.
07 November, 2019

How a girl who lives in a village without asphalt managed to climb on the podium a cycling competition en route? The answer is simple: with conviction and hard work. Abril Garzón is only 14 years old, but very clear ideas. His passion is cycling and he does everything he needs to be the best at that. Recently, it shone at the Evita National Games and is one of the promises of Argentine cycling.

Abril Garzón lives 7 kilometers from the pavement, in the village of Huinganco, located north of Neuquén, in the heart of the Cordillera and 500 kilometers from the capital of the province. Over there 1000 people live and the asphalt has not yet arrived. After years of racing in mountain biking, April changed modality to be able to participate in Evita Games. He managed to train as he could. And that’s not all: managed to create the women’s category in road cycling.

Along with his parents César and Daniela, Abril travels 7 kilometers to reach a paved route. However, the conditions are not ideal: it is asphalt, yes, but it is still mountain, so it does not have the possibilities to train alongside other competitors who live in places with more suitable conditions. Anyway, that didn’t stop her: she worked hard to achieve the necessary level and ended up on the podium in Mar del Plata.

Along with her physical training, Abril Garzón fought against bureaucracy: her sport did not exist in the female category, so she opened the door for other girls to take the same path in the future. Undoubtedly, an example to imitate.


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