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Animals? The big dog does not attack the boy

Villa Gesell's killers are not animals. They're murderers. And as we look the other way, you guys are gonna keep
The worst thing about us
| 28 January, 2020 |

There are animals that eat smaller animals. They don’t kill them for killing. If one meets a lion’s feeding needs on a daily basis, the lion will not attack him. The big dog doesn’t attack the boy. So trying to “animal” to one human who kills another is a big mistake. To put it elegantly. What happened in Villa Gesell, where 11 cowards attacked 1 single, is not animal. Animals are way above these killers.

Rugby is not an animal sport

In rugby, as in all sports, violent boys play. Not all of them are; sure. But there are. The problem is that most of these boys by age 14/15 are 1.75 and weigh 75 kilos of muscles. A big difference with their peers who do not practice this sport.

They hold on to pineapples every week (something well-known, especially in the north of Buenos Aires). For decades on the coast there have been violent events every bloody summer. Do you know that something similar happens, constantly, with guys who practice basketball, for example? (similar physical inequality). The big animal doesn’t attack the boy.

Rugbiers boast of the values their coaches taught them. Don’t get bigger, boys. They’re not values. They’re codes. Positive, some. But only codes. With a lot of marketing. Very much.

Let’s see. Respect to referee: well, without referee you can’t play; we screw. Do not hurt on purpose: a pineapple to a rival is a well-seen anecdote in the locker room. Team spirit: it’s fine, but the theme is when you teach that “without the group we are nothing” and everything is done in a group. He leans blindly and if the partner is in a mistake, we screw it up, without thinking. Friendship: I have friends from three different stages of football in my life…

The “male” better than the “male”

10 rugbiers against Marcos Spedale alone, killed him in Cordobto in 2005. 3 rugbiers against Ariel Malvino alone, killed him n in Ferrugem, Brazil, 2006. Letthe murderers have no peace, since there was no justice: they areRamiro Pelliza,Federico Carranza(like the others were minors, Justice did not give the names; it is not a matter of someone treating them badly, poor things),Eduardo Braun Billinghurst,Horacio Pozo(h) and Carlos Andrés Gallino Yanzi. To which you have to add to the 11 of Villa Gesell.

It would be healthy if the rugby world decided to stop extolling

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