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Agustina Besada: a crusade against plastic

Agustina Besada crossed the Atlantic on a sailboat to investigate the relationship between humans and plastic. We tell you his
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| 06 October, 2019 |

Each chooses his battles and, most importantly, chooses how to fight them. The case of Agustina Besada is peculiar. This industrial designer born in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo has always had a particular interest in the sustainability. He knows that the world is slowly destroying itself and he wanted to do something to change it.

Agustina is the founder of Unplastify, an organization that, with focused on Latin America, seeks to promote information and solutions to rethink the human relationship with plastic, from exploration, education and impact actions. In this context, Agustina and her husband had an idea, a dream: to cross the Atlantic Ocean by boat.

This is how, in May 2018, they departed from New York for Europe. In this adventure, two passions were joined: the nautical one and the sustainable crusade to record the levels of plastic pollution in the waters.

While Agustina Besada is on the boat, has two allies on earth. Its partners, Rocío González and Tais Gadea Lara, are two other Argentines who are part of Unplastify. Among the three, they seek research and raise awareness about the responsible use of plastics. Your goal is to educate and facilitate solutions to reduce the amount of plastic waste that we generate as a society.

From their website, they tell their strategy to change the human relationship with plastic:

  • Experiment: Exploration seeks to connect emotionally with the subject, reflect on this relationship out of control, and inspire you to get involved.
  • Knowledge: Education seeks to provide information to understand the problem from science, generate knowledge to contribute to knowledge and support informed decisions.
  • Do: The action seeks to facilitate the systemic change of products and services, supporting the work of those who want to begin to deplasticize their lives, their organizations and their world.
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