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Agustín Balbi: Asia at his feet

Agustín Balbi is an Argentine chef who traveled the world to perfect himself until he settled in Hong Kong. We
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Agustín Balbi
| 09 October, 2019 |

The family of Agustín Balbi is of Italian origin. However, pasta is not his thing: this Argentine chef specializes in Asian food. Today it is a success in Hong Kong, where he develops his work in high-end restaurants with the highest standards.

Agustín Balbi was exposed to a variety of cuisines from a very young age: he began his journey to the culinary arts at the age of 15. He began his career working in some of the most acclaimed restaurants in Buenos Aires while studying at The BUE Trainers. This marked the beginning of his culinary career on the international stage, where he has won numerous awards, including Best New Hong Kong Chef 2016 for Hong Kong Tatler.

To improve his culinary arts skills, he spent more than five years training in Japan. There he learned new techniques with the best teachers in the country. His dedication to Japanese food and culture was recognized in 2015, when he was selected as one of Japan’s top 10 young chefs (Japan San Pellegrino Young Chef).

Agustín Balbi ‘s gastronomic journey has spanned all over the world, with experience in the East and West, both in the Southern Hemisphere and in the North. Before arriving in Asia, Balbi worked in the United States. This provided him with experience in numerous restaurants, including Le Bernardin in New York. There he received professional recognition from the Culinary Institute of America and the American Culinary Federation.

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