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A river of garbage

Our landscapes are beautiful, but during the season they show our dark side. Sometimes we're rubbish.


The visit of many tourists, and the escapades of many Cordoba to the mountains, leave their trail. The garbage left in the beaches and reaches the rivers is very much. It was so that last season the inhabitants and politicians of different localities of Cordoba had to act. The idea is to raise awareness campaign for sustainable and sustainabletourism. Because, with so much pollution that we ourselves generate in an afternoon of fun, the landscapes become a dump.

Young people, families and couples enjoy summer evenings on the banks of different rivers. However, the one who does not enjoy is nature. Thousands of waste from the consumption of different visitors stay to sleep on the beach. And this situation must be reversed. Some beaches suffer more than others. The important thing is that we all get together and stop pretending that nothing happens. Our tourist spots are still frequented for their beauty. However, if we continue this way, the only thing that will remain to be visited are the Saws of Waste that we did not take care of discarding.

Mayú Sumaj, for example, which is the most popular beach for young people, rises every day of the season full of waste. Between all of us we can take care of our spaces and enjoy the same way. Just as we arrived with our curator, our beers and the Sandwichitos to spend the afternoon, we have to get back to the remains. Let's take responsibility and not be a scumbag. Next season, we need to change our attitude. We don't ask for reuse or recycling, just don't mess up.

Younger, more conscious

The new generations are already modifying their behaviors. Gradually, we all understand a little more about environmental care. We hope that this year will be reflected on the beaches. The holiday is to relax and leave our responsibilities sideways. However, there is one that you can not to leave: to be a good citizen and visitor. Respect public spaces, natural and take care of our environment. Let's get educated between us. Let's take care of ourselves and enjoy without getting dirty.


cordobeses are funny, chamuyeros And caravaners... but can't we really take care of our own garbage?

Publication Date: 23/11/2019

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