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A loss for Cordovan jazz

The Cordoba Symphony Orchestra mourns and we pay tribute to the artist Amado César Caniza, who is part of the
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| 28 January, 2020 |

“ The Bebe” Caniza was part of the Cordoba Symphony Orchestra for many years. Its history influences many Cordoba musicians. His death touches us all. For this, we decided to tell a little about his life and work. Beloved dedicated to him each of his days to music. As a good amateur, he left all his talent in the timbals and drums. Listen to him It was always a delight. The jazz world always had him as a great teacher.

Not only did he play with the Orchestra Symphony of Cordoba. He also bet on founding musical groups. Among these bets, finds his role as co-founder of the group Los Kings. Also Group Encounter took a part of his heart. In addition, he was part of the local jazz band that revolutionized everything: Jazz 440. This group hosted unique talents such as Javier Girotto and Fernando Huergo.

And, of course, he could not miss as the crowning of his career and career: he founded El Bebe Caniza Jazz Group. This band was performed at the International Jazz Festival in one of its editions. Of course, the event was masterful. And many artists recognized the Bebe as a hero of this musical genre. The Cordovan jazz fusion lived a before and after the drums of Caniza.


His musical voyages

From the world of music classical, towards jazz, from jazz to bop, from bop to swing. A hybrid of musical genres that, in the hands of the Bebe, seemed to flow naturally. That’s how it was. his magic, so was his passing through this life.

His career led him to play on stages in different countries and be admired by many specialists. In an interview for the 2016 CBaZz commented: “I did my career, I came even to play in New York, popular music of course, however, here you find me now, playing jazz. This recognition makes me very happy.”

His choice, his humility and the love of his roots made him appreciate the recognition of his land. We Cordoba admire this master. We remember him with his best rhythms, and we honor him for teaching us to listen to music with all our senses.

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