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A lesson in life

Amputado, he plays football and crossed Chile by bike. “It is essential to love yourself to move on in life.”
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Amputado, juega al fútbol y cruzó a Chile en bici.
| 04 November, 2019 |

Augusto Alonso has 24 years and studied International Trade at the University of Aconcagua. Is fan of sports activity and practice it from a very young age. Love to walk cycling, running and playing. However, life put a giant obstacle on him from one moment to the next. “At the age of 10 I discovered a tumor on the right leg. They couldn’t fight it with chemotherapy and the only option left was to amputate.” And, what for many would be an inescapable brake, for Augustus it was a formidable push.

He overcame the operation and went on with his life, as if nothing had happened. Always with sport as the main tutor in his life. “I consider myself an athlete. I like to perform a lot of physical activity. Today, most of all, I do football, cycling and skiing.” Augustus doesn’t hang out with kids. Practice always to be at the top and achieve ambitious goals: “I am part of the national team of football amputated. On the bike I made a couple of crossings. I made two crosses to Chile. I have joined the province from south to north, from Malargüe to Mendoza. And I often go to Potrerillos and Cacheuta.”

The much-needed support

As always, the support of family and friends is fundamental, but so is the support of the not-so-familiar ones. In this regard, the young man says: “The truth is that support is very spacious. You have from ‘X’ people to close people. Family, friends, , but also those less known but who help you from different ways. They recommend products or services that can help you to practice a sport such as a sports shoe for riding a bike or a cream so that my hairs don’t get ingrown when I pedal with the prosthesis. OR also financial support to pay for a trip.”

However, Augustus confesses that the first thing is to look a little inward, “but it is always essential to love oneself in order to move forward. Because you may have more or less support, but after all, you are in your life, and you are the only one who can mobilize you.”

Ted Talk

Augusto Alonso, together with Agustín Guillot, carry out a series of talks to stimulate the improvement in our lives. That’s why they stopped by TEDXPaseoAlameda and left their message.

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