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4 phrases that Olmedo couldn’t say today

Alberto Olmedo was a comedian of his time. He made you laugh for decades in a way that today would
How we talk
02 October, 2019

With the feminist revolution at the highest peak in its history, today women and men are questioning attitudes and behaviors that, until not long ago, were a matter of every day. What used to go unnoticed, today makes the alarms go off. Alberto Olmedo was a comedian of his time. He made a laugh for decades from the TV screen, from the cinema and in the theater. He made a laugh in a way that today would not be viable.

The role of the woman in her sketchs was, at least, insulting. It was another time, yes, but it helps us to see how much (or how much little) we have evolved since then. In his career, Alberto Olmedo immortalized several phrases, some of which today would be unacceptable.

Do you want to prove how much our way of understanding humour has changed? We leave you four phrases that Olmedo couldn’t say today.

  1. “ Did you bring me the baby?” , said the character of the Manosanta to Javier Portales, who played the Bebota’s father, a character played by Adriana Brodsky.
  2. And… if they don’t have faith in me.” When Javier Portales unexpectedly took “the baby”, Adriana Brodsky, Olmedo stayed alone and said that phrase, looking at the camera .
  3. “ This one’s breaking the block.” This is what the character of the psychoanalyst said to Susana Traverso, who played one of his patients .
  4. “ There’s cash.” In the sketch of “Borges y Álvarez”, Olmedo used to say this phrase down to Beatriz Salomón, when she entered at the end of the sketch to ask her boss, Javier Portales .
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