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You can do the Good Way without T.A.C.C??

I will tell you how we can survive this beautiful experience of Santiago de Compostela.
omo podemos sobrevivir los celíacos a esta hermosa experiencia.
21 September, 2019

Good Way!!! That is the phrase in which all of us who pilgrim to Santiago de Compostela identify us. This is
how I tell you my Good Way!! Departure from Buenos Aires, flight by Iberia to Madrid. Compostela here we go!!!
During the flight I ate without T.A.C.C., and no problems. In all airlines you can book your ticket and order special food. (vegetarians, celiacs, etc.).

Before leaving Buenos Aires, in preparation for the trip, send to all the inns and hotels you were going to arrive, an email asking if they had gluten-freebreakfast.
We arrived in Madrid, Barajas airport, from there we went to Chamartin station to take the train that would take us to Sarria, in it, I could eat some peanuts (peanuts) and Gluten free potatoes, to start our adventure!
For lunches and dinners, along the way, I always had the good vibe of the villagers who when I arrived asked them if they had at least one salad, always the answer was, “Do not worry, something we will prepare.”
Quite a logistics. It’s not easy for coeliacs to go for a walk.
But the good thing, that with all this I always had the company of my friends, with whom I shared this Wonderful road.

First stage – Sarria to Portomarín:

Sarria welcomed us on a sunny day. Every day we tried to leave early because at noon the sun in Galicia burned us, and it became harder to travel.
We stopped at Rua de Peregrino.
We had dinner at the Roberto Mesón, very good attention, as soon as I asked for food for celiacs, they told me: “Don’t worry, we haven’t killed any celiac yet.”
We had breakfast in the same hotel, where there was fruit, and bread for celiacs. Everything very good!

In this pension we were given the passport or credential, which we should seal along the way, at least two stamps per day, to get us the Compostela, in the Cathedral of Santiago.

Second stage – Portomarin to Palas de Rei:

Lunch was on the way, luckily I always managed with a soup or a salad, which for me was enough, because in reality we were all trying to have lunch something light so that we could follow the road in the afternoon.
We arrived at the hotel, in this case was, the Guest House El Padrino.
Dinner at the Restaurant Casa Ro

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