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Women who made Homeland

On a new anniversary of her death, we remember a writer who imagined the founding of a country called Argentina
mujeres que hacen patria
| 24 September, 2019 |

In women who made homeland, we remember a writer who imagined the foundation of a country called Argentina in the feminine arms.

In times of female empowerment , there is still the task of revaluing the writers of the 200 years of the Argentineliterature . Except for specific cases such as Alfonsina Storni or Maria Elena Walsh, perhaps Silvina Bullrich in the sixties, few came to form the sacred, and masculinized, canon literary SarmientoBorgesCut. Even Maria Elena was confined to the children’s category. An ungraceful limbo for some cardboard criticism. With immense poetry and adult theatre to discover.

Let’s skip the crack. Within a story with a view in the female imagination, which begins in Juana Gorriti, passes by Salvadora Medina Onrubia, and arrives today in Selva Almada and Samanta Schweblin, among others, we have in the pen of Libertad Demitrópulos (1922-1998). A singular bridge between the experimentation of the sixties and the militancy of the seventies. The “River of the Congojas” is a novel that lives up to the extraordinary “Zama” by Antonio di Benedetto or “El entenado” by Juan José Saer. A founding tale of Argentina. And that introduces one of the most powerful women made letters: Maria Murature.

We can talk about the country in the mists of European greed. Of prisoners who came to conquer the Indian pampas that had left Pedro de Mendozahungry. From a Buenos Aires that was to be founded hallucinated and smuggled for the second time. Under the inclement sword of Juan de Garay. That’s a story.

The other is that coming from Santa Fe, and beyond in time also, with the soul of a mythical warrior, a woman named Mary offering the soul for budding cities. With their rebelliousness, with their contradictions, with those

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