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Winning might not be an odyssey

“The Odyssey of the Giles” brings together Darín and Brandoni with a great cast. With Borenzstein and Sacheri. In a
| 07 October, 2019 |

“ The Odyssey of the Giles“was the Argentine chosen to compete in the famous San Sebastián Film Festival.

The film is based on the novel “La noche de la usina”, by the renowned Eduardo Sacheri. Who is the co-writer of Sebastian Borenzstein. And scriptwriterfor The Secret of Your Eyes. Oscar-winning. Borenzstein, in turn, is the director of this magnificent work. And “A Chinese Tale.” Also performed by Ricardo Darín.

In national quality films , these are not coincidences. Great talents make great products. In “The Odyssey… “, Darin is accompanied by another cast of local monsters. Like Brandoni, Daniel Aráoz, Veronica Llinás, Carlos Belloso. And even for his own son, “El chino”, who has already shown his strength.

The script

“ The Odyssey…” is a very effective script, about a group of entrepreneurs who in 2001 is scammed by a lawyer and a bankmanager. They’re townspeople. Work. Which, by no means, are they going to let them steal their dream. It’s a story about revenge by own hands. That’s wrong. But in this case, he puts us on his side.

The film was released in 400 cinemas. Something huge in these times, for a national product. But it’s worth it. Let us hope that abroad a good understanding of what “the playpen“was, fundamental to its success. So that it has the impact it has on our market. At the box office and at prizes. If it is understood as we understand it, it would not be any odyssey that would take many international awards. Because it is a solid product. A very well done tragicomedy. In our image and likeness.

“ The Odyssey…” is the big bet of local cinema in 2019 that is beginning to come to an end. A nice brooch for a complicated year. Let us

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