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Unforgettable characters: The “Facha” Martel

If there is a controversial but beloved character for Argentines is Adrián “El Facha” Martel. We told you some aspects
| 11 October, 2019 |

If there is a controversial but beloved character for Argentines is Adrián “El Facha” Martel. We all remember him as a sex simbol from the 80s and for his roles alongside the black Olmedo, what few know is that his real name was Pedro Julio César. Martinez.

Fan of the wolf platense, he came to play in the first Alvarado de Mar del Plata (city in which he lived in his childhood) and within his friendships we find characters such as Olmedo himself, Carlos Monzón, the Bambino Veira, Jacobo Winograd and Palito Ortega. But without a doubt, his most endearing friend was Dr. Alfredo Cahe, who accompanied him until his last moments. Another little known fact is that he was the writer of the already mythical television program “Café fashion”, which thanks to his ironic consumption became mythical.

The Fall of the Facha

Everything was good in the life of the Facha to the fateful summer of 1988 in which Monzón killed his partner Alicia Muñiz and Olmedo fell (or pulled) from a balcony marplatense. From that moment on, the Facha suffered all kinds of accusations and allegations. It is important to clarify that at the time of the murder he and his son lived next to Monzón, Muñiz and the couple’s son, so the Facha was an important witness in the trial that ruled that Monzón I was guilty.

A while later, journalist Guillermo Patricio Kelly publicly accused him on television of a drug addict and a drug dealer. Little time later, invited to the same program to make his discharge, the Facha denied the sale of drugs but admitted to being a consumer. Victim of a deep depression, tried to commit suicide. Once that stumbling block was broken, it was related to the Coppola case and came back in the middle of a gale of problems, which also managed to get around. The last strong accusation came from Chiche Gelblung, who claimed that he had worked as a taxi boy, to which Facha replied that it was true and that he had even come to accept fields as a form of payment.

In 2010 the excesses began to to take a bill. A hip fracture was added to a kidney problem and two heart attacks that involved each by pass. In one of these operations he contracted a Intrahospital virus and lost 40 kg. The third cardiac arrest suffered in 2013, at the age of 64. It was the final one. From that day he rests in Pantheon Argentinian Actors of the cemetery of Chacarita.

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