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“Troilo and Friends on Canal 7″

The RTA Archive and the Museo de Televisión Pública Argentina present a selection of programs that Anibal Pichuco Troilo starred
elección de programas que Aníbal Pichuco Troilo protagonizó en Canal 7
| 22 September, 2019 |

The Historical Archive of Radio and Television Argentina and the Museo de Televisión Pública Argentina present photographs, objects and documents that recreate three programs that Anibal Troilo starred inCanal 7 between 1966 and 1967.

These are materials about the programs‘Calle 7’,‘Tango 7’and‘Historias que el tango’. They show what it was like to make television in the sixties and gave space to the bandoneon of Pichuco. This material was recovered and put into value in continuity with the extensive task that the Archive carries out. To catalog the public heritage of Argentine radio and television.

The programs

Aníbal Troilowas already a legend of Buenos Aires when he began to work intensely on television. In his passage through the signal he was the central figure of three different proposals. From the musical of‘Calle 7’that could reuniteHoracio Salgán with the Shakers. In‘Tango 7’where young tangueros of the stature ofOsvaldo Piroarrived. While in the cultural‘Stories that tells the tango’homages were still remembered toJulio de Caro and Carlos Gardel.

Troilo had as collaborators true legends of television. Camera directorEduardo Ocana. ProducerMiguel de Calazans. Or the announcerArmando Rolón,among others.

Thanks to the work of the photographer of the channel of the time,Genaro Caserta,it is now possible to reconstruct a little-known part of the history of tango and popular music. Told from the mythical studios of Edificio Alas. Where the Canal operated in those years.

This is a new chapter in the task of the Historical Archive of RTA, the Museo deTelevisión Pública Argentinaand the photography area, following the exhibition‘Volver a verte’. An anthological selection of the nearly 100,000 negatives that were recovered and put into value in the last three years.

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