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Trends, novelties and changes in interior design

Do not miss the trends and novelties that come in interior design. Maximalism and gold come to enter and stay
| 23 January, 2019 |

A year is coming of great changes in interior design, recovery of classics and enormous creativity. I discovered trends and novelties such as the arrival of maximalism and the need to arrange flowers and plants everywhere, the “mix” of textures is maintained and gold remains unbeatable.
Textures and colors
It is a recurring trend that takes hold at times. The combination of textures and finishes that sweeten the environments will be one of the trends that will mark the decoration in the coming year. We bet on cotton, silk and, of course, velvet.
The reign of minimalism is coming to an end. A new deco arrives in which everything is possible and in which the spaces are framed with pieces of colors and materials of different origin, with plants, mirrors, wood and metal finishes.


Luminaires play a vital role in the decoration of the house – on them depends to a large extent the feeling of comfort. This year will be the trend of large, organic pieces inspired by nature, dressed in paper or fabric screens and wooden and metal feet (in gold); although the star will undoubtedly be the wall lamp as a focal point of attention and the ceiling lamps, which come with a clear slogan: hang them and a lot!
The relationship between architecture and design is increasingly interactive and consonant. The new season is designed for a classic continent dressed in designs of absolute relevance, generating a contrast that generates vital atmospheres and adds a decorative plus to the environments.
Geometry and gilding
Two trends that are the ultimate exponent of luxury understood as affordable and of great beauty. Textile geometry grows in size and enters the universe of wall design. To this are added pieces of furniture in wood and gold steel or brass, and mirrors, many mirrors. Natural grid creations or textiles also gain strength.

Source: Revista Interiors

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