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Top 8 Songs by Charly García

Charly García generates fanaticism and controversy to the same extent. Today we leave you this arbitrary selection of 8 of
charly garcia
| 23 October, 2019 |

Like all the great figures, those who really come to leave their mark, Charly García generates fanaticism and controversy to the same extent. Some may like it, others may not, but there is one thing that became clear since he first appeared in our national rock : he is a different artist.

Throughout his musical trajectory, the his style was changing, mutating and evolving. Today we want to leave you this arbitrary selection of 8 of your best songs, for you to choose as well as your favorite ones. Are you ready?

Song for my death

To his young 21 years old, Charly García wrote this profound song in which, at some point, he challenges his own death: “It’s not because I’m afraid of you, I just want to fix myself.”


This is, perhaps, the song that best reflects the hippie ideal of escaping from the city to the countryside of that era: “Leave me alone, I want no more, there is no hope in the city. My beloved is far from here, in a hypernatural country.”

Friday 3 AM

In this topic, Charly describes the perfection depression of “a blue Saturday and a Sunday without sorrows”, which ends with suicide. “Always the same, those who don’t they can more, they go.”

I don’t want to go so crazy.

Originally called “Pena in your heart” and premiered by Serú Girán, the theme went to the debut Garcia’s soloist.

I’m not a stranger.

The description of a city cosmopolitan view with eyes and tango music. One of the most important topics stands out from his album Clicks Moderns.

Close to the Revolution

“ Close to the Revolution” was one of his themes that aged best: even today it is an unfailing one in his recitals, often as a theme of opening.

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