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To the master, Quino

The creator of Mafalda was recognized for his contribution to national and international culture. At the age of 87, Quino
| 06 February, 2020 |

Mafalda is by far the The most important graphic humor strip in the history of Mendoza. And, from sure, one of the most prominent comics in the history of our country. An that has been passed down from generation to generation. With places that carry their names, events and monuments all over the world. AND the mentor of this fantastic character and his friends is Joaquín Salvador Lavado Badger, known as Quino.

For its contribution to world culture and the smiles drawn in its readers, the most important university in Mendoza, the National University of Cuyo, decided to recognize it with the highest mention that a high school can deliver. He awarded him as Doctor Honoris Causa. “We incorporated into our doctors’ cloister an artist respected and admired in different parts of the world. Therefore my most sincere congratulations to you, beloved Quino, to all your family, friends and colleagues”, were the words expressed by Rector Daniel Pizzi in his homage to the prestigious illustrator of Mendoza.

Mafalda tira

On the other hand, Ana María Miler, his editor and friend, who has accompanied him in his work for 50 years, transmitted some ideas that, because of his place of origin and work paths, he shares with the cartoonist and writer.

He spoke about Quino’s training and explained that, if he had taken a university career, he would have chosen the National University of Cuyo for which he always felt a great pride: “This title that the University gives him today has a very important meaning and is first place in Quino’s life,” the editor said.

Fundamental to understanding Argentina

Thus, the innocent girl concerned with humanity and world peace had her well-deserved recognition, at least, in her mentor. Mafalda has been translated into more than 30 languages and has been weighted by the most important pens of universal literature. For instance, Umberto Eco acknowledged that he “loved this character very much” and that reading Quino’s humorous strip is fundamental to understanding Argentina.

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