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Optimism is not a matter of idiots

I invite you to reflect together on the decision to be optimistic. A decision that we can make at every
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El optimismo no es cosa de idiotas
12 November, 2019

They say that Argentines have a certain bitterness tanguera in the blood. A melancholic pessimism of bandoneon that accompanies us like a ghost so we live in the heart of Caballito or in the troubled streets of Beijing. But there are labels that should already prescribe. It is time to free ourselves from that bitter legacy and declare: “I am Argentine and I am optimistic, so what?” I invite you to reflect together on the decision to be optimistic. A decision that we can make at every moment, in every situation and every day.

But first, we should clarify that there are two types of optimism, the fooland the intelligent. Optimism is intelligent when it does not deny the existence of problems; it is intelligent when it accepts and confronts problems by keeping one foot always in reality. On the other hand, optimism can be superficial if it clings to an ideal, static world. Optimism can be said that it is foolish when he lives in utopia, in the ideal, but not when he gets into the mud to give the necessary battles. That’s why, optimists, to the mud with a smile on the soul!

I declare myself an optimistic Argentine woman . I choose optimism as a philosophy of life. I think it makes life a wide, exciting, bright setting where we can all make our dreams come true. No matter what situation or pain you have experienced, optimism is a balm that calms everything, everything turns lovingly and allows us to always live on the brightest side of life, no matter what.

I choose optimism because it allows me to see in each situation a life lesson instead of a threat or error committed.

I choose to be optimistic because I found out that It does very good to my health and is going to allow me a life with more happiness. So, thinking of a long life, I choose to feed better, breathe better, rest more, get away from situations and people who intoxicate me.

I choose to be optimistic because it is the best superpower to be friends with my friends, mother of my son, leader of my work team and to maintain, as time goes by, a loving contact with the people I love.

I choose to be optimistic because it’s my way to reinforce my belief that humanity will find its way not to extinguish or extinguish our planet.

I choose to be optimistic because I already checked that whenever it rained, it really always stopped and that lets me know with certainty that the next storm will also be passing.

I choose to be optimistic because it allows me look with compassion at those abusive, paranoid and aggressive people who arm in their minds their own hells and inhabit them.

And finally I choose to be optimistic because as an Argentine woman I feel that melancholy tanguera does not represent me, does not tell my story or mark my destiny. Surely neither is yours.

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