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The Santa Isabel de Formosa will have mixed education

It was the only college of nuns in Formosa that had not yet implemented mixed education and, from 2020, will
el tradicional Colegio Santa Isabel de Formosa tendrá educación mixta
| 26 October, 2019 |

For the first time in its 86-year history, the traditional Colegio Santa Isabel de Formosa will have mixed education. It will start enrolling for next year in the halls of preschool age of 3 years. This decision of the institution was communicated through notes to the parents of the students. At the time of registration in this new priority will be given to brothers and sisters of teachers.

In order to concretize and carry forward this modality of mixed education, necessary building modifications have already been made. In the first stage is expected to register approximately 15 children per shift. The Colegio Santa Isabel de Formosa has shifts in the morning and in the Late.

Until this year, San Isabel de Formosa was the only so-called “college of nuns” that did not have a mixededucation in the province. The measure is revolutionary, but it will need time: inclusion will be gradual from year to year.

Beginning and history of the school

On March 15, 1933 a group of sisters of the Franciscan Order, fromthe old Europe, they came to Formosa, a whole mission land because it was a completely deserted place.

The then mayor Castañeda donated a plot of land. In the same place they are today, without imagining that 87 years later they would have a mixed school. They founded the Institute and, since they could not speak the local language, they began teaching practical tasks; they taught drawing and work. At first they only had preschool, but, with the collaboration in those times of parents and today too, the institution has grown remarkably.

The name of Saint Elizabeth, who next year will have a mixed education, was chosen by the sisters. Queen Elizabeth of Hungary converted to the Franciscan order, and the missionaries took this woman as their reference. Another important name for the school is Saint Theresa del Niño Jesus, patron saint of the missionaries. Both statues are located in the courtyard.

SOURCE: Formosa News

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