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The most important day of the year

Teacher's day should be honored as few. Teachers should be. Without education, there is no freedom and no future. But
El día del maestro debería ser honrado como pocos.
11 September, 2019

The day of the teacher should be the most important day of the year, along with that of the doctor. It’s not demagoguy. I’m really sorry.

Education is one of the most important issues in the country. It should be. But here, in our blessed Argentina , it seems not.

I don’t know if Perónstarted. I don’t think so. I guess it was before. But Perón said, “Espadrilles, yes; books, no.” It is a stigma that remains until today. Because while our people are highly literate, they are increasingly slaves to power. That’s not educating him. In a local TED talk, Mayra Arena, a girl who came out of a misery village, confirms it. The poor are not taught the culture of work or progress. So they believe that the state (us) has to give them.

In my last editorial, I wrote that the Japanese in school are prepared for life. While here we fill them with data. That’s not how it works.

Not only do the government on duty seem to care about the uneducated, but teachers do not. I have a lot to reproach you. Not everyone, clearly. Yes to those who stop you all the time. Those who ask for leave for diseases they don’t have. Those who think they have a life job. And those who don’t want to train anymore. I don’t think they’re the masters Sarmiento sounds. Father of the classroom. The one who understood everything.

A government that does nothing, more teachers who do nothing, is an explosive cocktail. That’s how we are and that’s how we will be. Of course they’d have to earn more than anyone else. Of course it’s a noble profession. Essential even for the freedom of peoples.

As long as we don’t understand it and claim what’s right, it’s not gonna change the thing. Poor budgets will follow. Schools without construction. Intendants who steal or embezzlement the funds for such works. Curricula that do not form for life 21st century. It’s up to us. But to us, it also doesn’t seem to matter.

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