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The King of Queen

An entertaining film, what more can you ask for?
| 10 January, 2019 |

“ Bohemian Rhapsody: the story of Freddie Mercury” honors a band that knew how to make a mark in the 70s and part of the 80s, with a leader, frontman, singer and composer who I like is among the best voices in rock history.

But the idea is not to talk about music, but to analyze what its director, Bryan Singer (several “X Men”, “Valkiria”, the wonderful “The Always Suspects”) and its writers Anthony McCarten and Peter Morgan. And what they did was a nice, entertaining movie. What more can you ask for?

Is this real life? Is this just fantasy? say the first sentences of the song that gives the film its name . Well, that (I think) was all about, making a sweetened version of what might have been those “crazy and excessive” 70s. – Why? – Why? Because surely it was decided to privilege the musical path, beyond the tastes and eccentricities of its leader, without delving into details that would scare away the public and that could only be of interest to rock critics and psychologists.

Chronologically, the film is also licensed, presenting some topics before its real time, but who cares? Beyond all, they make us feel part of that inner and creative world of the band, of their vocation and musical beliefs, and understand the social origin of Freddie Mercury and the breakup he made until he became a divo.

Great the performance of Rami Malek (recent Golden Globe winner) as Freddie, although I also found his bandmates very credible. And as a good story, it has many great moments, although it would highlight the scenes where his producer does not see the potential of Bohemian Rhapsody or when Brian May questions Mercury the inclusion of “disco” music in compositions.

I enjoyed Queen’s music a lot during my teens (and something else), and this movie made me relive, at least for a while. God save the Queen!

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