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The hotbed of the world

21 May, 2018

That the team that generates the greatest number of cracks in the world is called Argentinos Juniors already demonstrates a little how we are as a society: “Argentinos” or “Juniors”? In Spanish or English? What are we supposed to do?

In addition, “the hotbed of the world”. What a little phrase, huh? Because if we start to think, the seed is only potentiality, only future, it will be something — or not — depending on the work with which it is cared for, but for now it is nothing, in the present it does not exist. Or did anyone ever eat a salad of arugula seeds, tomato seeds and carrot seeds? What is a watermelon seed next to a full-grown watermelon? Nothing!

So, we have the seed, we have the 13-year-old who makes pipes even to his math teacher, who we know is going to break it, but the fruit is going to end up eating another. That sometimes it will be the one who watered the plant (and if not, ask Messi what happened if Barcelona did not pay her for hormonal treatment), but sometimes not even. I mean, we pride ourselves on being blessed in the distribution of cracks, but we sell them for coins when we know they’re going to cost millions. We Argentines are weird, aren’t we?

One last detail to show how far we got with this topic: from the possible lead of the Argentine team in the Russian World Cup (Dybala, Messi, Icardi), none of the three ever played in Argentina. To think, right? Now I’ll leave you. I’m going to watch the game, on TV, obviously. Because good football is played by South Americans but in European stadiums.

Hipólito Azema nació en Buenos Aires, en los comienzos de la década del 80. No se sabe desde cuándo, porque esas cosas son difíciles de determinar, le gusta contar historias, pero más le gusta que se las cuenten: quizás por eso transitó los inefables pasillos de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Una vez escuchó que donde existe una necesidad nace un derecho y se lo creyó.

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