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The Forgotten 80s

For our national rock, the '80s were an explosion. Today we want to pay tribute to the forgotten ones of
| 06 October, 2019 |

The 1980s was, for our national rock, an explosion of new rhythms. Some of the most emblematic bands in our history emerged at that time, many of which have already become legends. However, there were others that were part of that whirlwind, but then became extinct without a trace. Today we want to pay tribute to the forgotten 80’s through these 5 bands. Does anyone remember them?

Cosmetics (1983-1987)

Cosmetics was formed in Buenos Aires in early 1983. It was a modern, danceable rock band that emerged in the footsteps of Virus. Without going any further, Julio Moura produced his first album recorded and released in early 1985, which included the hit “Hu na na”.

Overload (1983-1988)

Originating from the city of Trenque Lauquen (Buenos Aires Aires), were a popular dark rock band formed in 1983. They edited two record works, Senses frozen, in 1986, and Mentirse and believe,in 1987. Both albums received excellent reviews and the band attracted a significant number of followers throughout the country. They even became opening of the British band The Cure at Ferro Stadium in 1987. However, after that they became part of the forgotten.

The Managers (1982-1987)

Los Cargados was a techno-pop band that aroused love and hatred within Argentine rock. The group retained the imprint of a rock band, but their work was predominantly electronic. They used the most advanced technology of the time in their recordings and on stage (synthesizers, sequencers, electric keyboards and electronic drums with programming, among other things).

Friction (1985-1988)

Another of the forgotten 80s was this dark rock and post punk band formed in 1985 in Buenos Aires. They were elected “Revealing Band” in 1986 by the supplement Si! by the newspaper Clarín . Gustavo Cerati was the producer of his first record material, Consumación o consumo, in 1986. After enjoying an important recognition and a great

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