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The devil knows for devil, but more knows for old

What else can you add to Clint Eastwood's wonderful film (and life) story?
| 23 January, 2019 |

What else can you add to Clint Eastwood’s wonderful film (and life) story? While we look for the answer, he takes care of it and gives us “The Mule”. Classic style cinema, with a strong story and its classic hero fought with life, which no one composes like him.

Based on a real fact, whose article was published in the New York Times as “the 90-year-old mule of the Sinaloa cartel,” the film tells us the story of Earl Stone, an octogenarian broken in several ways who finds work moving drugs.

Stone, a free and seductive soul, is lovable to his friends, but great disappointment to the family. As well defined, he has been a lousy father and husband and only his granddaughter holds hopes for him. If one thing was missing, it was running out of income. Until, unknowingly, he gets hooked to make suspicious deliveries.

Bradley Cooper, Dianne Wiest, Laurence Fishburne and Andy Garcia add courage (especially the first two) to rank a film that ends up diving into the world of compromises and pardons. Added to them are Alison Eastwood, his daughter (playing his daughter) and our compatriot Ignacio Serricchio, practically unknown in our land but with a very relevant role.

Ten years ago, in “Gran Torino”, he had said it was his last appearance on the big screen in the double role of director and actor. Luckily he didn’t deliver. It says the phrase “the devil knows for devil, but more knows for old.” Mr. Eastwood is 88 years old, and very well carried out.

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