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The Atuel River Made Mural

An interactive mural created by a plastic artist from Santa Rosa (La Pampa) will feature the brushstrokes of an entire
El Río Atuel hecho Mural
| 02 November, 2019 |

Plastic artist Pablo Salazar began painting a mural that vindicates the Pampean struggle over the Atuel River. The work, which is located on one of the side walls of the Estudiantes Club, will be a collective creation . The whole community will be able to join in painting the drops that will simulate the fall of the river bed.

The first to paint the drops of water on the dry bed were students of the 201 School of Santa Rosa. They were joined by athletes from the Student Club and members of the Assembly for the Pampean Rivers . Representatives of different institutions and organizations also joined this initiative promoted by the Secretariat of Water Resources.

El Río Atuel hecho Mural


Water Resources Secretary Javier Schlegel said that “the idea that came up is for people to be part of the mural. That each one of them can collaborate with his drop of water for the recovery of the Old Bridge of the Atuel.”

For his part, the artist explained that the mural “is a panoramic view of the Old Bridge in Algarrobo del Águila. It incorporates an empty basin that represents one of the arms of the Atuel, of the Arroyo de La Barda. It is a pictorial representation in this case, an interesting work at my discretion with a good finish.”

“ The idea was for people to come across a good mural and could participate in something that would match his participation. We wanted everyone to be able to come and find something of quality. We were looking for that the significance, be even greater in this of putting the gout, than of some way is the feeling that one is filling the basin,” he added.

Finally, he explained that those interested will be able to approach until Friday between 15 and 18 and “here they will have different techniques with which to put their drop of water”.

SOURCE:Daily by La Pampa

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