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The 9 colors of the autumn-winter season

The latest chromatic trends for this season.
Las últimas tendencias cromáticas para esta temporada.
| 31 May, 2019 |

To be “in tune” with the latest trends, we leave you a guide to the colors that will be seen everywhere in this fall- winter. Take a note.

  1. “Cosmetic Hues” range: the base colors. These tones are the ones that resemble the color palette of the basic makeups. It covers brown, old pink, pale pink and beige tones, among others.
  2. The colors of autumn. The browns, oranges and all the tones of that season.
  3. Gray. It will be used in all its shades, from a dark gray to an almost white gray.
  4. Yellow. You can think of a full look in yellow or lower it by combining it with beige, camel, pale pink or gray tones.
  5. Blue. From the dark to the lightest. The blue can be combined with different shades of gray, with different shades of blue or can be mixed, for example, saturated blue with black and cream garments.
  6. Red. You can opt for a full look in red or combine it with different colors. A traditional option is to mix it with gray and black. You can also try beige and black garments and, if you dare, with fluo tones.
  7. Silver. Some options to combine this color can be embroidered, red and black.
  8. Fluo colors You can opt for a total fluo look or choose a garment in any of these shades to combine with your outfit.
  9. Black. The classic that never goes out of style.
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