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Tango queer: the deconstructed dance

Breaking the rules of a traditional dance: that's what tango queer is all about. Unlocked tango spaces where there are
Romper las reglas de un baile tradicional
| 26 October, 2019 |

From its beginnings, our tango gave rise to the scandal. Associated with prostitutes, their origins had nothing to do with the sophisticated tango that then arrived in Paris and went around the world. Always linked to our deepest tradition, tango today has a new turn, very according to the current times: the tango queer.

Through the explosion of feminist and LGBT movements, tango queer comes to break stereotypes: it comes to eradicate the machismo of this dance. Mariana Docampo, writer, teacher of tango and literature, is a pioneer of the movement in Argentina. Take the Milonga Tango Queer. They are presented as follows:

Tango Queer is a place of meeting, socialization, learning and practice open to all people, and in which it seeks to explore different forms of communication between those who dance.

Tango Queer does not presuppose the sexual orientation of those who dance, nor their taste for taking up one role or another when it comes to tango dancing.

The proposal is to dance tango without the roles being fixed to the sex of those who dance it.

Created in 2005, this space of tango “liberated” takes place festivals and cultural activities throughout the year. In addition, the space is part of the organization of the Buenos Aires International Tango Queer Festival, which has been held since 2006.

The proposal

The proposal is, then, not to stick to gender roles. You can choose the partner you want and take on the role you prefer. They have no incidence in gender or sexual orientation. The driver can be male or female, it can be homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, or whatever. No rules, just dance. No patterns, just chords. After all, tango is music, music is art. And art is freedom.

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