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“Mendoza is a pole of improvisation in the world”

We spoke with Nato Esteller, actor and conductor of the Mendocina Improvisation League. It is the most summoning theatrical show
Nato Esteller
| 26 March, 2020 |

Improvisation is a theatrical genre in itself. It is the ability to tell stories at the moment, to represent them. The improvisation actor is a screenwriter, director and actor at the same time. It’s about telling stories that have never been told, at that time and together with other colleagues .

It is based on techniques, games and dynamics that serve as acting training. Improvisation trains the ability to listen to the person, activates the sensory organs, makes you be more attentive and move the body a lot, that’s why it’s very good as training. “All actors should go through improvisation any instead”, I recommend Ignacio “Nato” Esteller, actor and director of the League.

The work of a phenomenon

The Mendocina League of Improvisation started in 2011. But first we should mention the stone of all this: Ernesto “The Skinny” Suarez. He is a great Mendoza actor, recognized at the level , who was the first to teach improvisation techniques. He took them from the farce, that exaggerated theater, of a lot of expression. He taught it to his students in the theater “El Taller” and so began with the cycle “Humor of Wednesday.”

For his part, Esteban Agnelo, a Mendoza actor and theatre director, who in turn is a disciple of the Skinny, he was the protagonist of that cycle. So, in 2011, “El Pelado” Agnello decided to put together a Mini Improvisation League. He divided his students into four teams, and from there came the match, which is one of the genres within the current League. The people, protagonist all the time, he had to vote the scene he liked the most, making a team the big winner of the night.

Already in 2012 a cast of almost 50 people, divided into many teams. A tournament has been set up with performances every Sunday. Every day he faced four teams, people voted and, at the end of the year, the grand finale was played.

Today’s League

The show moved to the circular room of the Cultural Space Julio Le Parc. The dynamics are the same, but now there isa driver, a jury, different games and styles. Celebrities, actors, journalists and artists are invited to serve as a jury, voting for the scenes.

“ I have participated since 2012, in that first long tournament that was made. I was always an actor, but also collaborating from the area of communication and press”. It’s just that Ignacio is a social communicator by profession. However, over time, his role changed: “Since 2019 I have been the driver of the show. I’m no longer acting as an actor, but being a driver I also act. The project always had a director, which was El Pelado, and different commissions. Today, the format of commissions, but no director.”


Nato tells us that improvisation is practiced everywhere, but Mendoza is a reference: “It is a worldwide phenomenon. In all countries there are people who practice it, but Mendoza is a pole of improvisation in the world. There’s no show like the League anywhere else. We have made many editions of the International Improvisation Festival . Improvisators have arrived from all over the world.” The Mendocinos have also participated in South American and world tournaments. In fact, Omar Galván is Argentine and is also the best improviser in the world, but lives in Madrid. He has published a book called Del salto al vuelo and is a whole improvisation bible.

Finally, Nato Esteller takes his chest and closes: “La Liga is the most summoning theater show in Mendoza”.

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