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Four Argentine films nominated for the Quirino Animation Awards

They will be delivered on April 6 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)
| 01 February, 2019 |

Argentina will be represented by “Belisario, el pequeño gran héroe del cosmos” by Hernán Moyano; and “The Ricochet Splendid” by Pablo Gostanian (both in the innovative work of Ibero-American animation).
The payroll, which became known yesterday, is completed with “Ian” by Abel Goldfarb (Ibero-American Animation Short); and “Amia: Rosa y Sebastián”, directed by Sebastián Mignogna and Cecilia Atán (Best Ibero-American Animation Custom).
“ Belisario, the little great hero of the cosmos”, was produced by the National University of La Plata and the story of the astronaut mouse can be seen on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 17 pm at the Platense Planetarium (Av. Iraola and Calle 118) with free admission.
Argentina’s presence at the prestigious event of animated cinema is also noted in several co-productions, reaching a total of eight nominations.
Among the co-produced series are two co-produced by Pakapaka (“Petit”, directed by Bernardita Ojeda Salas. Based on the work of Isol; and the second season of “Puerto Papel”). “Puerto Papel” also aspires to a Lauro in Animation Design; and “La noche mágica de Gaspar” (co-production with Chile, Peru and Argentina), as a custom animation.

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