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Black Olmedo, an artist who transcended the screen

Alberto Olmedo, a capocomic who made himself and, with his death, transformed himself into a cult actor. We remember it
22 November, 2019

There are few people in the show who are as loved and remembered by peers and admired as Alberto Olmedois.

A man of humble origin from the neighborhood of Pichincha, in the city of Rosario(Santa Fe), where he lived his childhood and adolescence with his mother Matilde Olmedo. He was born in that city in 1933 and never forgot his origins, even more: he always remembered them on camera and outside.

After trying and studying acting in Rosario, he decided at the age of 21 to go to Buenos Aires to see if he was more lucky with what was his true vocation. In 1955 he joined Canal 7 as operator, thanks to the reference of his friend Pancho Guerrero.

The opportunity of his life was at the canal’s New Year’s Eve dinner, where the authorities and staff met. Olmedo was able to show off with an incredible improvisation that left all the participants pleasantly surprised. So much so that Julio Bringuer Ayala, the station’s auditor, offered him to work as an actor. He began doing monologues and small sketchs inLa revista de Jean Cartier, at the same time he participated inMidnight in Buenos Aires& nbsp; and inSmiles and melodies.

Race on the rise

From then on, his career was on the rise and he never stopped working. His first and remembered success was in 1960 with El Capitan Piluso , broadcast on Channel 9 , a children’s program. It was Fito Páez who immortalized this character in a tribute to Alberto Olmedo in his song “ Piluso theme.”

He made dozens of films and comedies and was one of the last capocomics of a generation of stars. Many figures accompanied him throughout his career, but there were two who are unforgettable. One was Jorge Porcel and another Javier Portales.

Both shone in multiple films and the latter immortalized his characters Álvarez and Borges together chatting. So important was this sketch that, inRosario, is honored with a bronze sculpture. This refers to the famous sketch he starred with Javier Portales and another similar one is in Buenos Aires, where both characters are sitting on the emblematic armchair.

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