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SEX Experience: Different, atypical, singular and unique

José María Muscari presents a show where a troupe of very diverse artists mix and enhance pure art with music,
obras de teatro argentinas
| 01 June, 2019 |

Where the visual and the sensory illuminate the public’s uncertainties about sex, an issue that disturbs everyone and makes many uncomfortable.

The show will feature choreographies by Mati Napp and a super cast that can only be enjoyed over the age of 18.

We chatted with Melody Luz Stocchetti (dancer of the show) who takes us into the behind-the-scenes and tells us how they live the days before the premiere :

Melody AuditionDay with Mati Napp and Jose Maria Muscari

She found the play because Mati Napp called her to a closed audition that was going to be held at the Gorriti Art Center (which is where the performances are going to be performed):

“ I am not afraid, but I have uncertainties about the experience. Since the format of Sex is new, the audience has to be very permeable and respectful, there can always be someone out of place, but not that I’m afraid, it makes me more attentive.”

He tells us that his joy is to be part of such a cast, to be surrounded by diverse talents with trajectory and recognition. Melody, enjoys watching them in action, learns, inspires and reveals that they hear a lot of each other. He highly values the work of production girls, because he claims that everything is very warm.

Backstage of photos for graphics

“ I want to thank my old men, thanks to them I am where I am and obviously José Maria Muscari and Matías Napp, teachers of life, I adore and admire them.”

Sex teaches to accept the different variables of eroticism and fantasies that exist. It drives each dancer to want to give everything in each rehearsal, nourishes them and makes them evolve from a sensual side.

Artistic technical sheet

Dramaturgy: José María Muscari

Interpreters: Militta Bora, Magui Bravi, Daniela Cardone, Gloria Carrá, Jorge Dorio, Tucu López, Noelia Marzol, La Queen, Diego Ramos, Agustin Sierra, Walter Soares, Gabo Usandivaras

Performers:Vixt, Fernando Goncalves Lema, José Luciano Pérez

Dancers: Max Damico, Ana Devin, Rosmery González, Bianca Loponte, Melody Luz, Juan Manuel Palao, Facundo Quiroz, Jesica Videla

Costumes: Ailin Cohen

Audiovisual Design: Enchulame Social Media

Redes Sociales: Enchulame Social Media

Graphic design: Enchulame Social Media

Creative Contribution: Paola Luttini

Production Assistance: María Colaneri, Gisela López Mateo

Management Assistance: María Colaneri, Gisela López Mateo

Press: Agencia Ab – Ale Benevento

Executive production: Emilia “Pitu” Rodriguez

Production: Paola Luttini

Choreography: Matías Napp

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