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Serú Girán: the Argentine Beatles

Serú Girán is, without a doubt, one of the most important bands of our rock. We tell you a bit
08 October, 2019

Each of our stories is crossed by the story of what is happening around us. The one with the rock bands, too. Serú Girán is, without a doubt, one of the most important bands of our rock. It is for Charly, for David, for Pedro and for Oscar. Because in it these four talents were combined in a harmony that is difficult to repeat. But, also, because they knew how to put art and handwriting to one of the saddest times in our country. They knew how to tell the countless, and make that beautiful.

In those days, Charly García, David Lebón, Pedro Aznar and Oscar Moro were said to be the Argentine Beatles. The group was formed in the late 1970s, after Charly completed his project with The Bird Making Machine. With the advent of the dictatorship, he needed new air. Then he went to Brazil with David Lebón. Then Moro joined and, a little later, Aznar. This is how they began this new musical stage that would write a fundamental page in the history of national rock: Serú Girán.

His songs, with soft melodies and hard lyrics, had a lot of impact on the people of the time. Today they are true classics: “Seminare”, “Eiti-Leda”, “Alice in the Country”, “Peperina”, “How much longer will take”, “Friday 3 a.m.”, “Fat of capitals” and “Do not cry for me, Argentina”, among others.

In 1982, while Argentina fought in the Malvinas War, Aznar decided that that stage was coming to an end. He left the band to travel to study music in the United States, and his companions knew that it would not be possible to replace him . Everyone went his way. But Seru will stay forever.

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