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Sandra Díaz: a breakthrough for science

Sandra Díaz, the Cordoba biologist, was among the top 10 scientists in the world. We'll tell you what his career
| 07 January, 2020 |

Born in Bell Ville, and with an admirable academic performance, Sandra Díaz dedicated her life to science, and the world is recognizing her work. She isaConicet investigator , and co-chaired the United Nations Global Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (Ipbes). She was chosen by Nature magazine. He was among the top ten in the world. And that’s not all. He also received awards this year from the Bunge and Born Foundation.

These are not the first recognitions Sandra Díaz has for her dedication to the world of science. Their work is very important for the preservation of the environment. Sandra Diaz is not just a biologist and researcher. Sandra Diaz is a key personality for caring for the environment worldwide. His contributions to science changed the conceptions of the connection between human beings and nature. This had a positive impact in different areas.

As a biologist and researcher at Conicet, Sandra is dedicated to the study of the impact of global environmental change on the regional biodiversity of the plant ecosystems. Its area is plant ecology and biodiversity. Formed at the National University of Córdoba, he currently represents Argentina in the scientific and academic field.

Sandra Díaz investigates the development of life in general, through plants and ecosystems. His work combines the social dynamics and the natural course of ecosystems. It is a interdisciplinary research that attempts to establish how different societies coexist with ecosystems. Whether it’s taking care of them, reconfiguring, working or abandoning them.

His academic career is admirable. In addition to carrying out her research, she teaches at the Faculty of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences of the National University of Córdoba. The chair he directs is Ecology of Communities and Ecosystems, his specialty.

From science to everyday life

Her role as a researcher is not only a breakthrough for science. It’s a breakthrough for the community. Sandra Díaz consolidates herself as an activist who defends public science. As an advocate of the environment in the face of the problems of global change. And as a teacher who does not stop offering opportunities to her students, and to the world, to improve. His research leads to awareness about the connection between culture and nature. Between the human being and the natural environment. In her words, what she shows is that “nature does not differentiate us, we are all interconnected with each other and with nature in an inexplicable way”.

In turn, her work as a committed researcher is also of dissemination. For this reason, a through awareness, Sandra Diaz appeals for change. The biologist says that “we cannot live a full life, a life as we know it, without the nature”. It also states: “A new economic model is needed for nature and the people”.

Your work is very important for the academy and for the world. Sandra Diaz is a flag of struggle and effort. As Argentines, we pride ourselves on having investigators of such caliber.

Thank you, Conicet! Thank you, Sandra!

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