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Salta, the beautiful and the first in the Malambo of Córdoba

A group of young Salteñas were consecrated at the National Festival of Women's Malambo that took place in Villa Carlos
| 23 October, 2019 |

Salteña girls worked for a whole year to get their chance to participate nationally in a folk ballet. Laila Taritolay,Luisana García,Isabela MassesPazandBianca Torresare native to the city of Hipólito Yrigoyen. His place of study is called La Querencia and is run by Lilian Aparicio and Iván Revilla . The malambistas were prepared for this festival by their professor Daniel Montiel. The hard work of the girls of the Salteño ballet paid off and got first place in the Festiva Nacional de Malambo Feminine.

This effort and the result obtained is not only an enriching experience for the four girls, but also for the rest of their peers. Today they are the pride of the city of Yrigoyen, of malambo practitioners and all of Salta.

The Malambo National Festival was not only female, there were also male and mixed categories, in sets and duos. They competed artists from all over the country and was at stake the Copa de Campeona del Córdoba Cultura.

In the higher category of malambo the champion was Pampeana, but second place went to the province of Salta. Sofía Dominguez is from Metán and representedRaices Salteñas , the body of folk dances of the Municipality of San José de Metán. He faced 47 more dancers and managed to climb on the podium being one of the most outstanding.

This festival has shown that the ballet of Salteño not only has representatives in the larger categories, but also good representatives who are just taking their first steps and have already prided to the northern province.

The next appointment

The next Malambista event will be the classic National Festival of Malambo General in Laborde , Córdoba. Their stages will see the best malambistas from across the country demonstrating the DNA of each province at each dance.

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