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Raúl Lavié: a standard-bearer of our tango

Raúl Lavié is one of the standard-bearers of our tango that have been making us look good for a long
26 September, 2019

Our tango falls in love with the world and, fortunately, we have many standard-bearers who have been making us look good for a long time. Today we want to talk about one of them: Raúl Lavié.

He was born in the city of Rosario (Santa Fe) 82 years ago under the name of Raúl Alberto Peralta. But for his artistic life he adopted that other name by which we all know him and, of course, his nickname: Black. He began as a tango singer with the orchestra of Héctor Varela. In 1962, he jumped on TV: he was chosen by Channel 11 to head the cast of the musical program Ritmo y juventud. At the end of that year he was hired by Channel 13 to join the cast of The Clan Club.

In his career, he had the honor of acting alongside figures such as Gidon Kremer, Cacho Tirao, Libertad Lamarque, Juan Carlos Copes and Astor Piazzolla himself , with whom he made several world tours .

He performed on the most prestigious stages in the world. In 1986, he even arrived on Broadway and won four nominations for the Tony Award. He was named an illustrious visitor to Los Angeles (USA). USA) and Tokyo (Japan), and an illustrious citizen in Chubut, Bariloche, Mar del Plata and Rosary.

Raúl Lavié is also an actor. He performed in more than 30 plays. On television, in musical comedies and soap operas. In cinema, in 17 feature films. In addition, he was the protagonist of one of the most successful Argentine musicals of recent times, which was performed all over the world: Tango Argentinoby Claudio Segovia and Héctor Orezzoli.

Raúl Lavié, owner of an incomparable voice and an innate charisma, knew how to carry tango around the world. And that’s why our homage goes to him.

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