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Rags Painter

Pepe Perreta is an artist (that's how I see him and thousands of people) who paints Trapos. if you don't
| 27 September, 2019 |

For those who do not know, Rags are the flags of the swollen from football. And there is a gentleman who is not only dedicated to it, but is highly valued. Between the swollen ones, of course.

We can discuss whether it’s art or not. In any case, we should discuss what is art and what is not. The point is, Pepe Perreta, a New Chicago fan, paints. Airbrush, like so many painters. And freehand. Like so many painters. So for me, watch out: for me, it’s art. And he does some really good things.

So much that it transcended the barriers of clubs. It also transcended Argentina‘s barriers. It has painted rags for Spain. Nothing more, nothing less, than for the two biggest clubs. Barça (Barcelona; Messi) and Merengue (Real Madrid). In addition, for PSG France. And for the big clubs in Italy.

He’s art and he doesn’t care if he has to paint for fans of clubs rival to his beloved New Chicago. Like All Boys, Chacarita or Deportivo Morón. He trembles the same, with the only idea that his work is contemplated and applauded by 40 or 50 thousand people at a time.

The Rags

Let their Rags have stories behind them, that magnify them. Like the one that Deportivo Merlo bloated “gave” to his scorer, the famous “Ogre” Fabbiani. A very talented player, but always overweight. Someone charged him for chubby. And out of nowhere, Ronaldo’s Brazilian genius (suffering from the same thing) sent him a twitter encouraging him. Saying “chubby make a difference.”

It all started with a little flag for a murga. For the 15th birthday of a Bocafana. From there on, came a huge rag for the bloating of Boca. He premiered on the Rivercourt, when he was still visiting public on the courts. The 5 grand followed, of course. And promotion clubs. Everywhere they call it.

River’s was special, too. Because the old man was from River. But not only that. It was a working tan. That I didn’t think that

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