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“Publishing my literature was never a remiss”

Anibal Albornoz Ávila lives in Santa Cruz. He is a writer and now national news for his latest work of
Aníbal Albornoz Ávila escritor
| 08 November, 2019 |

From the cradle of mining, this playwright received the news that his work of literature will be published by El Trébol Ediciones. The proof of the altarpiece consists ofsix theatrical texts that had already been recognized in national and international competitions.

Acknowledgements received
  • National Award of the NOA Theatre of Culture of Nation (Argentina) – 2001
  • National Prize for Theatre Works (Patagonia 13 Region) – 2006
  • Honorable Mention in Theatre – Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Argentina) – 2014
  • International Theatre Award “Playwright José Moreno Arenas (Spain) – 2015

His recent work, was attended by several friendly hands . One of them was by César Víctor Torre, a well-known cast director of the Comedy en Lands riojanas. Another was that of a Catamarqueño, Idangel Betancourt. This is a Cuban director who currently directs the Comedy Municipal of San Fernando, in the Catamarca Valley. Finally, that of a specialist in literary review, Patagonian Gabriela Luque.

But the literature is not everything in dramatic art. That’s why too, there was technical collaboration in the work Aguas de Lavar Souls. Warmi Sosa was the curator and composer of the songs that accompanied this theatrical text. He was joined by the musician Eduardo Sosa, who made the transcripts musical. Finally, Alejandra Geraci’s art was part of the design of the book cover.

The works

The proof of the altarpiece incorporated the works “Waters of washing souls”, “The dawn of the Caupolican Fjord”, “The Cage of a man”, “The pairing of Ivanikha Gorki”, “Shards” and “Frida, the flower torrential”.

Some critics highlight the exquisite pen of its author. They say that Albornoz manages to compose characters with their own lives, ready to go on stage. For this reason, El Trébol Ediciones does not rule out, in the future, taking this literary work into the theater.

According to the author, in the beginning he had arranged with the publishing house, to publish a songbook with poems of his authorship, and music of Argentine composers. From great friends he had harvested during these years while he was working. However, he then chose to take the most awarded theatricalscriptsof his authorship. Thus, a compendium entitled La probanza del altarpiecewas born. A set of theatrical texts that are already on the lips of several national directors and that, surely very soon, we will see on some stage.

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