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Pampean molecule against tumors

A Pampean scientist obtained a molecule capable of retransmitting tumors. The test was already done on mice with encouraging results.
| 31 October, 2019 |

Javier Breccia is a professor, researcher and director of the Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences of La Pampa. Today he is conducting research at the Faculty of Exact Sciences of UNLPam. This has to do with the development of a molecule tested in mice with tumors, with which total remission of all of them was achieved.

“ In the lines of research we have, what we do is modify compounds that have biological activity. We use catalysts that we take them out of microorganisms or plants. We transform certain drugs to change their activity against malignant cells. So it was that we obtained this molecule, and we managed an agreement with Hospital Austral, to test it on living things, mice. Right now, we are working on the liver tumor and its spread,” explained Breccia.

The probability of curing diseases such as cancer will be revealed later, at other stages of study. So far only preliminary results were obtained in mice and cell cultures. Total reversals of tumors have been achieved, that is, by one hundred percent. This is not a minor figure, since reversals are usually obtained in lower percentages.

Challenges ahead

The researcher revealed that the Incitap will install in the city of La Pampa a spectrograph. This will be used to measure molecular weight and, together with a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, it will be possible to identify compounds of tumors.

Putting the equipment into operation will cost 20 thousand dollars a year and the College does not have such a budget. That’s why we’re thinking not only about to do pure scientific research, but to provide services. The spectrograph will be part of a national network of spectrographs held by the State and will be meets regularly.

In addition, a georeadar will be incorporated that detects what’s underneath of the earth, up to ten meters deep. This can be used not only at the soil research but also forensic and anthropological issues, among others.


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