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To annotate: tips for camping in the mountains

A typical summer plan. Get lost in the deep mountain, put up a tent and spend the night. However, there
| 10 January, 2020 |

Mendoza is unique to plan a camping trip to the mountain. Just 20 kilometres away we already find places suitable for our target. Landscapes are left. With friends, couples or alone. The mountain will always be a good companion. However, in order not to get us a bad drink, we leave you some tips .

Before, we made it clear, that here we mean camping in the deep mountain. Where there are no trees or shade.

Always a jacket of more

Summer on the mountain is treacherous. It offers high temperatures and very strong sun during the day. However, at night the thing changes and the thermometer drops considerably. That’s why it’s important to wear a lot of coat, no matter how exaggerated we think and a good sleeping bag .

There are no beds, but spiders

There are no mosquitoes on the mountain. Temperatures are relatively low and the environment is dry. However, there are other bugs to worry about. Spiders, lizards, snakes or mice peek out very occasionally. But we must be vigilant. It is important to keep the tent always closed and the food in height. It is not necessary to carry some repellent against these insects and animals.


Against some rules, make a bonfire on the night of the mountain is a real pleasure. Chat, eat and drink in the heat of The flames are something unique. But we must be cautious, the wind is very strong in these areas. Put the fire on top of land, away from vegetation. Build a small repair with stones. Be can enliven with dry branches, which in the mountain abound. And finally, always make sure fully that you are Well off. To do this, a little water and soil will be enough. No embers should remain alive, orange.

Give us the time to contemplate the majesty of the sky

Pure and inspiring. Millions of stars at our fingertips. At the height and without contamination. Better if there is no moon, for the stars shine even more.

Bring water and sunscreen

Lots of water. Unless we make our way close to some river. In that case, the river water is the best we can consume. Of thaw, without any treatment. Direct from nature. But in Otherwise, we must bring water enough, remembering that at the height there is less oxygen pressure and we can replenish it with water. And sunscreen is key, as ultraviolet rays are more dangerous in height.

Food & drinks

It is important to bring nuts such as almonds and nuts. But to schedule our meals, and if we travel walking, the important thing is to bring something that doesn’t requires cooking. Finally, if you venture to cook something, or you you can take advantage of the heat of the campfire or you can take small anafes and pots, which are very practical and allow us to cook whatever we want.

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