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Paragliding: sporting icon of the Punilla Valley

We tell you everything you need to know to live a unique experience in the Punilla Valley. Do you want
una experiencia única en el Valle de Punilla
| 04 January, 2020 |

The undisputed beauty of the Punilla Valley is known on foot. You can walk through the streets of Cosquín, the pots of Cabalango, the theatrical impetus of Villa Carlos Paz. You can explore the colorful landscapes of Tanti, the historical and attractive infrastructure of La Falda, etc. The variety of the earthly landscape is shown in these examples.

However, the only one responsible for approaching the sky is Cuchi Corral. And his possibility of paragliding. This hill is located at 400 meters high. It was declared a National Historical Monument (1945). Today it is a panoramic viewpoint for tourists and mountaineers who fall on the clouds, ready to enjoy the adrenaline of the paragliding.

What’s this about?

This sport, born at the end of the 20th century, has a technical definition: flexible lightweight glider. Glider because it does not consist of motor and flexible because it does not there are rigid parts that make up the wing. It’s the pilot who’s in control. in just two of the three flight plans. In the warpage, with the weight of the pilot and brakes. And with pitch, with both brakes simultaneously and with the accelerator. The yaw, therefore, having no tail, is outside the pilot control. These characteristics identify its pendular shape of Flight.

Where are we going?

Known as the ideal place to practice the paragliding, the Cuchi Corral is synonymous with risk, nature and adventure tourism. The one who practices it with constancy, choose this place to fly. And beginners have baptism flights to live their first experience. Of course, always accompanied by instructors and professionals specialized in the subject.

The natural landscape that occupies the view of the numerous parachutes that become birds in the mountain sky is sublime . It is admirable to look up from the floor of our valley, and observe the colors that the practice of this sportgives.

All these features are enough to promote your visit and highlight its peaceful beauty. Come to Cuchi Corral, Come to Punilla.

SOURCE: Come to Punilla

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