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Our rhythms: Southern folk music

Folkloric music from southern or Buenos Aires has its peculiarities that distinguish it from the rest of the regions. We
La música folklórica del sureña
27 November, 2019

Our folklore unfolds in the different regions of our country, and in each of them has its own rhythms and sounds. Southern or Buenos Aires music includes the provinces of Buenos Aires, La Pampa, the south of Santa Fe and the south of Entre Ríos. Within Southern folk music, different rhythms appear: milonga, footprint, figure and style.

Here, singing is introspective and judgmental. The singer, usually soloist, is accompanied only by the guitar. His lyrics speak of the social and rural problems, although, of course, there are also many subjects of love or picaresque.

This is the region par excellence of the payadores, who bring improvised or repentitious singing. Alone or with a companion, who acts as a counterpoint, they sing their improvisations under the chords of a milonga, a figure, a triumph or even a waltz.

Another characteristic character of the area is the Creole reciter, whichexpresses the social theme through the traditional Creole poetry. In addition, the region is very rich in dances: it feature over a hundred different types, including traditional and original dances, almost all of them loose partners.

In the latter time, the new folklore exponents added unconventional musical instruments, such as the traverse flute, saxophone, organs and keyboards, and drums.

Land of tango

This region is also the territory of tango. Although in general it is related to the porteño, it is important to note that the tango was enriched by musicians and poets from the interior. The singers, always soloists, perform evocative, familiar, love and testimonial themes. They are accompanied by sets of guitars or orchestras of variable numbers, consisting of bandoneon, violins, piano and double bass.

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