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Our rhythms: Cuyana folk music

Cuyana folk music has its own rhythms: the tune, the cat, the basin, the waltz. We invite you to discover
Nuestros ritmos: la música folklórica cuyana
| 10 November, 2019 |

Cuyana folk music, like every region of our country, has its own characteristics that the distinguish from the rest. In this case, its proximity to Chile makes some melodies jump the Cordillera and blend.

The Cuyana region comprises the provinces of San Juan, Mendoza, San Luis, with influence in the south of Córdoba, Catamarca, La Rioja and the north of La Pampa. The most widespread rhythms are the tune, the cat (in this region, with two turns in the dance), the cueca (also presents a regional form distinct from the northernmost) and waltz. All these compositions can be danced with a loose partner, except for the tune, which is one of the few lyrical species that do not have choreography.

All these rhythms of music cuyana folk songs are sung in a duet. The basic instrument of this music is the guitar, with which the cuyano shows an exceptional capacity interpretative. Also known is the so-called requinto cuyano, a variety of of the guitar, but with more strings. The soloists stand out over the groups, and the lyrics that accompany the melody are almost always of love, although historical and religious are never lacking.

Two of the great exponents of the music of which are Alfredo Alfonso and José Zabala, a duo native to the province of San Luis. To talk about this binomial is to talk about folklore cuyan at its finest. For you to understand what we’re talking about, we leave you a theme of them. Enjoy it.

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