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Another pride for Argentine medicine

The FDA has just endorsed the formula of two drugs created by the Argentine Guest Foundation.
La FDA dió su aval a la fórmula de dos drogas creadas por la Fundación Huésped argentina.
02 May, 2019

The Argentine medicine is at the level of the best in the world, since always (we have two Nobel Prizes, won by Bernardo Houssay and César Milstein), and today, once again he shows us his quality.

The recognized Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has just endorsed the formula of two drugs for patients without treatment, created by the Argentine Guest Foundation.

According to studies presented by the President of the Foundation, Dr. Pedro Cahn, at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, the regime of these two drugs has the same results as one of three drugs, in patients who have never been treated. Obviously, with the same tolerance rates.

The study (“Gemini”) showed widely satisfactory results for virus suppression in patients with both high viral load and low viral load.

With the decrease in the amount of drugs that patients can now have to treat the disease, their quality of life and hope improve.

Undoubtedly, another achievement of Argentine medicine that makes us proud.

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