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Netflix surprises and releases a film based on the series “Black Mirror”

“Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”, the first feature film from the universe of the cult series of technological paranoia and science fiction
| 27 December, 2018 |

The announcement surprised fans of the series as well as specialized media, who knew that a feature film was in preparation but little was known about its plot and its release date.

“ An event of Black Mirror”, says the trailer released on the social networks of the streaming giant, to suggest that the 90-minute feature film directed by David Slade is a relatively independent project of the anthology series, which will have its season 5 sometime in 2019.

“ In 1984, a guy dreams of designing a video game from a fantastic novel. The author of the book did not have a happy ending. He has to choose his own adventure,” is the scant information Netflix gave about the story that will have at its center a programmer and a plot that will confuse reality and the virtual world.

Previous rumors about “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”, starring Fionn Whitehead (“Dunkerque”), Will Poultier and Asim Chauldhry, indicated that the film lasts an hour and a half only if it is watched linearly without interruption.

Although it has not yet been confirmed by the company of Los Gatos, California, reports indicate that there are several more hours of footage that would be accessible from the different choices that the viewer can make during the viewing.

The use of the youth books “Choose Your Own Adventure” is not new to Netflix – which has already been tested with some children’s animated series – and would ideally fit both with the film’s plot and with the slogan of the series from which it derives.

With an always paranoid and often dystopian look, “Black Mirror” proposes a distrustful and disturbing view of the uses (and abuses) of technology.

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