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Path: from La Rioja to La Boca

Caminito is it a tango in honor of the street or a street in honor of the tango? We tell
| 24 February, 2020 |

It is sad, but the best songs always arise from a broken heart. Perhaps to show us that loving is worth it, in spite of everything. This is the story of Gabino Coria Peñaloza, a poet in love who made art of his grief. This is the story of “Caminito”.

All of them began in Olta, a small town in the town of Los Llanos, in La Rioja, in 1902. Gabino Coria Peñaloza was traveling from Chilecito to San Luis when nature played him a bad trick. Or a good one. A flood of the river left him stranded in Olta for several days, where he was hosted by his family members. While he was there, he was invited to a get-together in the house of a well-off family in the area.

No ,

no. well arrived at the event, something in the hall dazzled him: a majestic grand piano, the first to come to the province. Gabino wanted to hear something, and then they called the family member who knew how to play the instrument. Mary broke into the place as a divine apparition: the crush was instantaneous. During the days that remained in Olta, they lived a strong and fleeting love. With only one witness: the “caminito”.

When the river returned to its bed, Coria Peñaloza had to leave, but promised to return. And he fulfilled: he returned after a year, but could not find Mary. Her family, who had promised her to another man, had sent her somewhere else. They even said that he had a child in his womb. Gabino never managed to find out his whereabouts and left with a broken heart. But from that misfortune was born a poem that would become one of the most beautiful verses of our tango: “Caminito”.

The two little ways

The true “path” was a two-kilometer rural path that was born in Olta and ended in the village of Loma Blanca: that was the one that Gabino traveled to meet with love. The mythical street of La Boca, then, received its name in honor of that tango. In honor of that love.

Since he left,

sad I live;

little friend,

I am also leaving.

Ever since he left, he

never came back.

I’ll follow in your footsteps,

Caminito, goodbye.

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