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Ignacio Corsini, the Knight Singer

Sicilian by birth and a native of Buenos Aires, Ignacio Corsini was one of the great voices of our tango.
Ignacio Corsini, el caballero cantor
| 13 February, 2020 |

Although born in Sicily (Italy), Ignacio Corsini is one of the great singers of tango of our country. Some even say that a line was located under Gardel in popularity. His career began singing Argentine folk songs and then went on to tango.

“ Sentimental Pathotero” was his first hit. His sweet and poetic voice made him a popular singer. He was known as “The Singer Knight” and also ventured into cinema.

Ignacio Corsini became famous with songs such as “La pulpera de Santa Lucía” (with music by Enrique Maciel and lyrics by Héctor Pedro Blomberg), “Betinotti” (by Homer Manzi), “Creole Sadness” (by Francisco Laino) and “ Caminito” (by Gabino Coria Peñaloza).

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