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Hugo del Carril: the star of tango

In addition to tango singer, Hugo del Carril was a writer, director and film actor. He was, without a doubt,
Además de cantante de tango, Hugo del Carril fue escritor, director y actor de cine
30 November, 2019

Named Piero Bruno Hugo Fontana, he became known as Hugo del Carril. He was, without a doubt, a multi-talented artist. In addition to being a singer, he was a writer, director and film actor. Al tango came because of his admiration for Carlos Gardel , with whom he was often compared for his strong tone of voice.

It is said that his first relationship with tango was established as a child when he learned by heart the theme “Carasucia”. It was sung by a housekeeper while sweeping the sidewalk of her endearing neighborhood of Flores.

His career quickly ascended to the top because cinema spread his image throughout Latin America. His albums and films had an unprecedented distribution. This made Hugo del Carril one of the first celebrities in Latin music.

Carlos Gardel was his ultimate idol, his role model and even imitate. When he was once called the greatest singer, he interrupted the announcer to remember that Gardelhad been the greatest.

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